A Whole-of-Society Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is a national emergency that threatens the lives and the livelihoods of every individual on the island. It is a ‘whole-of-society’ problem, and it will need an ‘whole-of-society’ solution. We need to unite everyone, along with their communities, the GAA, the civil service, the media, and government at all levels, and focus our collective desire to build a better Ireland, on this ongoing catastrophe.

A ‘whole-of-society’ response is fundamentally a community response, and community is one of our nation’s greatest assets. Irish people want to work for their communities, they want to help their friends and neighbours. There are people all over the country who would rather be volunteering as part of a national plan to eliminate COVID-19, than to be sitting at home waiting for a vaccine. Let’s create the conditions that allow them to do that, and to be part of the solution. In doing so, we make an investment in our communities and will make them healthier and stronger for generations to come.