Foster Public Support

Public adherence is the single most important variable in any national effort, and this is especially true in an emergency. If we want this plan to succeed, we must do everything within our power to earn the public’s trust and support.

The people trusted the policymakers during the first lockdown. They believed that their sacrifices were necessary to maintain the health of our society, and that they would be rewarded for it. Since then, their quality of life has steadily deteriorated. They have been condemned to a cycle of lockdowns and daily scoldings from the same policymakers who failed to prevent this crisis, and who have done little since to address their suffering. These failings have burned through much of the people’s goodwill, but their trust can be won back.

We must develop policies that address the uncertainty in people’s lives, and the very real suffering – physical, mental, financial, social – that they experience every day. We can start by including the people and their representatives in the planning process. If we can give the people the confidence that the sacrifices asked of them will be fair and that they will lead to success, the people will be willing to place their trust in us. Openness and transparency from policymakers will help, as will better communication throughout the process. If, in addition to all of the above, they see political leaders making meaningful, personal sacrifices, we are confident that the public's trust and support.