Video: How I Got Involved With COVID-19

This video explains who I am, how I got involved with COVID-19, and what I can contribute to Ireland's COVID-19 debate.

Like a lot of people, I was minding my own business, getting on with my life when COVID-19 landed. Being locked down with not much to do, I started paying more attention to the COVID situation. How was the global COVID-19 league table shaping up? Who was winning? Who was losing? Was Ireland doing well - were we ahead of Denmark?

I downloaded the data, put it into a spreadsheet, and started looking at the numbers. What I found, shocked me. There had been catastrophic failures of responsibility at every stage of Ireland's emergency response. The chronic incompetence of Ireland's policy-making elite and the disinterest in the media class to hold them to account, had forced an intolerable burden onto Irish society.

And that - as this video recounts - is what sent me down a COVID-19 rabbit hole.