Ireland Needs a Win

We followed the EU in the first quarter of 2020, and they walked us off a cliff. We did everything the policymakers asked of us during the first lockdown, but they squandered our hard-earned gains. Herd immunity via vaccination is still 9 to 12 months away, yet all NPHET can offer us is low expectations and daily admonishments about personal responsibility. And still the policymakers wonder why the people have lost their trust in them.

The Irish people have been through so much this year. We have suffered deaths, long-term disabilities, loss of our livelihoods, insolvencies of our businesses, divorces, domestic abuse, suicides, and civil disorder. This crisis is tearing the fabric of our society; it will leave deep scars that may never heal. This goes beyond politics and the news cycles. This is about the long-term health of the nation, and of everything we call ‘Irish’.

2020 has come and gone, and what do we have to show for ourselves? What have we achieved? What do we have to be proud of? What will the future generations admire in us? What have we given them to build on? As things stand, nothing. It has been a year of abject failure, yet still our policymakers seem happy to pass the buck and to tailor their policies and communications to the tutting and guffawing from our insipid media. The people of Ireland are owed more from their leaders. We deserve a win.