Our Principles and Values

The Irish Covid Action Network ("ICAN") believes that the we, the Irish nation – the people and the policymakers – must do everything in our power to end the COVID-19 outbreak in Ireland. We have an obligation to protect the health of wellbeing of every individual on the island. If we do so, we will re-establish the strength and prosperity of our businesses and communities. As a society, we need to remove the fear and uncertainty from our lives, we need to calm the national psyche, and we need to return our society to something approaching normality. It is only through the elimination of COVID-19 that we can achieve these goals.

ICAN has developed a framework through which we can eliminate the spread of COVID-19 on the island of Ireland, and we will communicate this framework via this website and through the media. Our principles and values are the foundations on which that elimination framework has been built. They reflect our scientific understanding of this deadly pathogen, they encompass the risk management practices necessary to eliminate its spread, and they recognise the many sacrifices that have already been made by the Irish people, and the unnecessary suffering that has been experienced across every cohort of our society.

ICAN’s principles are:

1. The Public Health Comes First

2. A Shared Burden

3. End The Uncertainty

4. Openness and Transparency

5. Foster Public Support

6. Clear Communication

7. A 'Whole-of-Society' Response

8. Resource Mobilisation

9. Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

10. Ireland Deserves a Win