Resource Mobilisation

In a traditional war, the side with greater resources usually wins. The COVID-19 pandemic isn't a war, but the same principle applies. Instead of soldiers, weapons, and ammunition, we need health care workers, medical facilities, and tests. Most urgently, we need to build a stockpile of rapid testing capacity. Surplus testing capacity is a flexible tool that can be deployed in emergencies, or at short notice to suppress clusters of transmission. It is a key component of an elimination plan, and an essential pandemic risk management tool.

We should also look beyond the health system to identify spare capacity wherever it exists in our society and find a way to build those idle resources into our plan – hotels, guesthouses, transport services, the army, the private sector, or civilian volunteers. The more tools and resources we have at our disposal – medical or otherwise – the greater our power over the virus, and the easier it will be to eliminate it from the island.