The Tyranny of Low Expectations; The Fatal Conceit of NPHET

How Do We Get Rid of The Virus?

This is the single most important issue facing the nation, as it has been since at least February 2020, yet very few people are working on the problem and only a handful seem interested in the answer.

The deaths, the lockdowns, the restrictions, the business closures, the weddings postponed, the funerals cancelled, the county finals played behind closed doors, the loss of community… all of the pain and the suffering that we have experienced - and that we continue to experience - since March 2020 was caused by the virus. When we get rid of the virus, we get rid of the suffering too. It really is as obvious as it sounds.

The Tyranny of Low Expectations

Unfortunately, the establishment has decided to believe that we cannot eliminate the virus, and that we shouldn’t try, or even think about it! They have told us that we can’t compare ourselves to other small island nations, like Taiwan, New Zealand, or Singapore and that only way we can return society to normal is through widespread vaccination. Until then, we just have to sit here and suffer.

Neither of these beliefs is true, and neither serves the nation’s interests.

The belief that elimination isn’t possible is a bizarre and bogus self-deception. There is no research or analysis to support the position, yet it continues to dominate the media landscape. In fact, elimination has already been achieved at various times in Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Tasmania, most of Australia, Newfoundland and other parts of Canada, the Faroe Islands, the Pacific Islands, Mauritius, Madagascar etc etc so we know - as a matter of FACT - that elimination is possible. Moreover, as a small, developed island, we know that we have been endowed with a geography that makes elimination even easier for us.

The belief that it is only through vaccination that Irish society can be saved is doubly depressing. Not only does the establishment continue to wilfully misinform the public about the true nature of the crisis, they also diminish the nation’s belief in itself. By refusing to recognise the agency we have in solving our problems, the doubters engrain in the nation the idea that we shouldn’t think for ourselves, that we shouldn’t take responsibility for solving the nation’s problems, and that it is only through handouts from the EU that we can survive.

These positions are insulting, dishonest, and a transparent cop out.

NPHET REALLY Don't Want to Do The Work

NPHET are the single biggest obstacle to ZeroCOVID and to an elimination strategy. If elimination is possible now, then it was also possible at the end of the first wave, when cases were low and society was being reopened. So, if NPHET were to open the door to elimination, they would also be acknowledging that they were asleep at the wheel in May and June. Worse still, the country would realise that all the grief and suffering, all the deaths and disruptions to our lives in both of the following waves, it was all avoidable.

If that happens, NPHET's reputation would be in tatters. Every one of its members would be publicly shamed. They would become public enemy number 1. There could even be mass civil unrest. NPHET can't afford to let that happen (the damage to their reputations; not the civil unrest).

Philip Nolan especially can't afford to let that happen. Philip is the President of a national university. Can you imagine what would happen to him personally if elimination was implemented successfully? He would look like a complete fool in front of professors, administrators, lecturers and students alike. Whatever status and aura is conferred from being a university president would instantly disappear.

It was no surprise then, that he was the one leading the fight against ZeroCOVID, calling it "an utterly false promise".

If NPHET really believed that elimination wasn't possible, they would have done a feasibility study 'proving' that it wasn't possible. They haven't done that study, because they can't do that study. If they did, they would have to fudge it, but once it was published they would be found out.

The belief that elimination is impossible serves no one's interests, except the policymakers who would have to do the work, and the medics at NPHET whose negligence it would expose.