The 7-Stage Elimination Framework


ICAN's 7-Stage Elimination Framework is a step-by-step process to eliminate SARS-COV-2 from the island of Ireland. The Framework uses border controls and a 'stay-at-home' policy to fix the virus in place, and a mass surge testing program to find and isolate the virus in the shortest possible time. This strategy seeks to minimise the length of lockdowns, while maximising the likelihood that elimination will be achieved. A similar strategy was recommended to the government by the Chief Scientific Advisor in April 2020. Had his advice been followed, the initial lockdown would have been shortened by several weeks, and further lockdowns could have been avoided.

While the opportunity for a SARS-COV-2 elimination strategy has now passed, it is essential that we understand tools and frameworks like these, as they will become the building blocks of the national defence infrastructure which will protect us from all future outbreaks. 

To access the report, please click the image to the left. (And if you still don't believe that elimination was possible, you can read our responses to the denialists here.)